Mi Air Purifier Pro H


Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Pro H

CAMH 00005
Xiaomi Air Purifier Pro H ជាម៉ាស៊ីនបន្សុតខ្យល់ ដែលមានសមត្ថភាពខ្ពស់ក្នុងកំចាត់ភាពមិនស្អាតក្នុងខ្យល់ សម្រួលក្នុងការរស់នៅ។ - Strong Removal of Formaldehyde - Particle CADR up to 600m3/h - Formaldehyde CADR up to 220m3/h - High-precision HEPA Filter Efficiency up to 99.97% - Super filter Life up to 14 months - Intelligent Three-speed with One Button - OLED Display support touch control - APP+AI Voice Intelligent Control